Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility initiatives work to foster and enhance sustainable business practices throughout the organization. To do so, we have identified 4 key areas that shape our overall CSR program:

Contributing to a Sustainable Environment:

Within our environmentally-focused programs, waste diversion is a key operational focus for our companies. The Baz group works with energy consultants to continually evaluate opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of our physical operations.

Investing in our People:

The group supports personal growth, champions’ innovation and believes our employees drive the overall success of our companies. The group offers its employees a wealth of professional development opportunities through training sessions, virtual classroom tutorials as well as executive training programs.

Ethical Sourcing:

We are determined to build our business together with our clients based on the highest ethical principles of trust, teamwork, honesty and respect for the rights and dignities of others.

Giving Back to Communities:

The Baz group is committed to giving back, both to communities in which we operate and to organizations, locally and globally. The Baz group is to found the Baz Foundation in 2015. Since its inception, monetary and in-kind donations are to be made to communities and individuals in need.

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