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NTN HD TV is a Mongolian commercial television channel based in Ulaanbaatar. Its stated mission is to "cover current events from an intellectual perspective and to convey Mongolian values throughout the world.“

It is aimed at the overseas market and is broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the country. Starting summer 2014, the channel will start broadcasting through its own iPhone app.

Located at its own 10-floor NTN Tower the channel broadcasts world news, Mongolia’s current affairs as well as talk shows and entertainment programs. Currently it offers its evening news in English in addition to Mongolian.

The channel is wholly owned by Baz Group. Through its ongoing management reform and upgrading, NTN HD is soon to become one of Mongolia's leading broadcasters. While cooperating with various international big broadcasters for an exchange of their program, we strive to produce programs in-house.

National Times News is a Mongolian and English language monthly news, current affairs and intellectual content publication owned by The National Times News Media Group. Its average monthly circulation was reported to be 1.5 million including elite level readers.

The mission statement of the magazine is “For the every single wealth creator”. It aims to deliver intellectual content to its readers while promoting independent well-researched and well-written, unbiased content.

Through its circulation, the magazine ranks as no.1 socio-economic magazine in the country. It has a good long-term strategic planning and business planning. The outstanding marketing team works hard to make sure the magazines are delivered to as wide range of audience as possible through sales and subscription.

It targets highly educated readers and claims an audience containing many influential executives and policy-makers in the country. Each issue features exclusive interviews with influential politicians such as the President of Mongolia (Our May issue 2013), and Ministers of Mongolia (each issue) and Ambassadors to Mongolia (each issue).

Ntn.mn website is a major online news source site provided and operated by National Times News Media Group, selecting most up-to-date information and happenings and deliver it to the audience at the shortest possible time. Launched in 2012, the website is considered as one of the top online news source through the hits it gets daily.

Backed up by the NTN HD TV sources, ntn.mn boasts with accuracy and promptness in its service.

National Times News Tower 1st Khoroo, Baga toiruu,Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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