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Admiral Construction LLC is the construction arm of the group. This company specializes in roads and transportation technology solutions.

The joint team consisting of Mongolian and International experts are currently in the process of building a cross-country highway.

Issued by the government, a state decree of over ten-thousand kilometers of highways are to be built across Mongolia with a state budget of $600 million, amounting to $40 million per annum.

In addition to this Admiral Construction LLC is spearheading the construction of nationwide railways with a proposed state budget of $200 million.

To contribute to the development of the area of construction, the first industry for PU sandwich tiles that are fire resistant, non-hazardous to the health or environment, and maintains warmth, was established in Mongolia.

Further services we provide, is constructing houses made of eco-friendly, earthquake resistant, warmth maintaining Canadian wood carcass and storage rooms of metal carcass with PU sandwiches.

Starting from the first season of 2013, our company has expanded the range of our operations in the fields of construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.


Completed Projects:

  • Construction of office building for Peugeot and NTN HD Media Group
  • Construction of 100 kindergartens of the Ministry of

Science and Education in the 4th horoo of Bayanzurkh district made of wood of Canadian technology

  • Warehouse and industrial complexes for Pegasus Group

Current projects:

  • RITZ villa estate
  • Construction of BAZ WORLD Tower, the tallest building to be in Ulaanbaatar
  • Construction of Gran Melia Tower in Ulaanbaatar
  • Warehouse with material lifter/transporter at Amgalan and UB-2
  • Warehouse at Oyutolgoi Mine site
  • Concrete plant at Oyutolgoi
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