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“Baz Automotive” LLC was established in 23rd July, 2013, becoming the official distributor of the famous French automobile manufacturer “Peugeot” Brand. With a strong dealer network of 163 dealers at the end of 2012, PEUGEOT’s objective is to have more than 200 dealers by the end of 2013 (Asia, not including China).

The company is on the verge of getting the showroom ready, and provides our customers with parts and services at the 4th quarter of this year following the Peugeot world standards.

With a growth rate in double figures, Mongolia is among those emerging countries that present the greatest potential for economic development. An economy based principally on mining ensures stable and constant development.

The Mongolian vehicle market, also growing strongly, undoubtedly is attracted by the latest additions to the PEUGEOT range.

We invest in ecologically less harmful automotive industry business with full support of Ulaanbaatar city’s decision on reduction of CO2 and air pollution caused by vehicles.

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