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BAZ INTERNATIONAL - Founded as our first business, Baz International LLC is the holding company of the group. Led by the group Chairman himself, the company is in charge of international trade, licensing and franchising activities of our mainstream businesses. International contracts and agreements are also signed under Baz ... Read more
BAZ AUTOMOTIVE - “Baz Automotive” LLC was established in 23rd July, 2013, becoming the official distributor of the famous French automobile manufacturer “Peugeot” Brand. With a strong dealer network of 163 dealers at the end of 2012, PEUGEOT’s objective is to have more than 200 dealers by the end of 2013 (Asia, not including China). The company is on the verge of getting the ... Read more
BLUE STAR JETS MONGOLIA - Blue Star Jets Mongolia is an official franchising subsidiary of Blue Star Jets, the world renowned complete jet charter brokerage company. With the growth and development of world-class mining businesses in Mongolia, private jet service was much needed business for business executives and decision makers to travel the 1,5 million sq.m steppe of the country in the shortest possible time. We ... Read more
BAZ ESTATE - Since 2010, Baz Estate has launched its operations in the areas of real estate purchase and real estate development. The previous investment decisions made by our Chairman and management team gained us another core competence by allowing us to own most strategic lands in rapidly expanding Ulaanbaatar city.  Baz Estate is currently cooperating with leading fashion group in the world to ... Read more
LORD HERITAGE - Lord heritage non-banking financial services is the newest addition to the group, established out of our interest in the finance field. The group ultimately would like to expand its activities by turning the subsidiary into a banking service. Lord heritage is currently prociding financial services to our subsidiaries within the ... Read more
BAZ SCHOOL - Baz School was established in 2009 with the aim of providing skilled workforce for the infrastructure development of the country. Today, the school offers nine different vocational training specializations to young Mongolians who are ready to join the labor market after graduation. The school has grown dramatically over the past five years from 23 teachers and 281 students to over 40 teachers ... Read more
ADMIRAL CONSTRUCTION - Admiral Construction LLC is the construction arm of the group. This company specializes in roads and transportation technology solutions. The joint team consisting of Mongolian and International experts are currently in the process of building a cross-country highway. Issued by the government, a state decree of over ten-thousand kilometers of highways are to be built across Mongolia with a ... Read more
NTN HD MEDIA GROUP - NTN HD TV is a Mongolian commercial television channel based in Ulaanbaatar. Its stated mission is to "cover current events from an intellectual perspective and to convey Mongolian values throughout the world.“ It is aimed at the overseas market and is broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the country. Starting summer 2014, the channel will start broadcasting through ... Read more
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