Message from the Chairman

The Baz group has a rich and proud history that extends more than 20 years ever since Mongolia’s entry to free market economy in 1990. It is rich in the significance of the work our clients entrust to us and historic for the contributions our clients have made developing the infrastructures and developments of their communities. We are privileged to be a part of this process and our clients' successes, and in some small way a participant in their history.

The Baz group is a Mongolian business conglomerate owning 12 subsidiaries that are effectively contributing to the country’s economy.   We know very well that the projects our clients entrust to us significantly impact the lives of those who live and work in their communities because we live and work in those same communities. It is this fact that motivates the Baz group professionals who partner with our clients to create and achieve more in the midst of all potential challenges.

Our professionals are creative, environmentally and socially conscious, and keenly aware of our clients' needs. We are an exciting, dynamic, and innovative family that values diversity in our workforce and welcomes new talent and experienced professionals with the same enthusiasm. We have created an exemplary work environment that promotes technical excellence and professional development while maintaining the highest ethical standards and superior service to our clients.

Regardless of the reason you decided to visit our site, we hope you will come away with an understanding and appreciation of the kind of businesses we do, the values we share, and the kind of people we are. Please come, visit us again.



Jargalsaikhan Baz Chairman

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