About the Group

The Baz group is focused on creating long-term values through a unique structure of diversified public and non-public holdings.

Today, The Baz group is made up of twelve subsidiaries: Baz International LLC, Pegasus Power Corporation, Pegasus Supplies Limited , Baz automotive, Baz school, Baz construction LLC, Lord Heritage non-banking financial services, Blue Star Jets Mongolia, National Times News magazine, NTN HD channel, Hello Mongolia magazine and Baz Estate.

Our corporate structure, investment philosophy and financial strength reflect management’s commitment to adhere to timeless principles of value investing.

With strong cash flow and a large portfolio of cash and investments, the Baz group has the freedom to seize investment opportunities where we see value – and the resources to weather cyclical downturns.

At the Baz group, we believe creating long-term value requires discipline, conservative financial policies, a management team with keen financial and analytical capabilities, subsidiary managers who are both experienced and empowered, and a forward-thinking vision to pursue constant reinvention.



Our Mission

At Baz group, we are committed to:

  • Creating exceptional value for our clients.
  • Performing our services with integrity, vision, innovation, quality and environmental sensitivity.
  • Offering our diverse workforce a challenging, rewarding and stable work environment, encouraging their professional development and continuous improvement.
  • Benefiting our employee shareholders as a proactive and profitable firm with consistently strong financial performance and increased share value.

We are a 100 percent employee-owned company. Our personal stake in the business motivates us to satisfy our clients.

National Times News Tower 1st Khoroo, Baga toiruu,Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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